These borderlands are the best place for a designer like me, and maybe like you, because the borderlands are where things connect.

Designing In the Borderlands

2014 • Harvard University

Where do you fit in if you’re not a specialist, and how can you make work that feeds off that?

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Screens aren’t tied to a particular aesthetic. The native way to work with them is by designing for flux–the capacity for change.

What Screens Want

2013 • Build at Belfast, N. Ireland

What are the design properties of screens, if you disassociate them from aesthetics?

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The Long, Hard, Stupid Way

2012 • Do Lectures, Wales

Why is it important to sweat the details, and how can you do so without going crazy?

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All I want to be is a person who makes things and thinks about them.

The Particle

2011 • AIGA National Conference , Phoenix

How do you find the courage to make what you believe when you're at the cusp of change?

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The Shape of Design

2011 • Belfast, N. Ireland

How is design arranged? In terms of people? Work process? Culture?

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