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Frank Chimero in trees

About Frank

I’m a New Yorker with a love for pizza, museums, playlists, Manhattans, and Phil Collins. (Nobody’s perfect.)

For the past 15 years, I’ve worked as a designer making brands, books, interfaces, and illustrations. I now do client work through my design practice, frank.

My work has been recognized by the Art Directors Club, Print Magazine, and Commercial Arts, and select projects have been featured by The Atlantic, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Time, Slate, Monocle, and adopted by The New Yorker. (It’s a long story.)

Back in 2015, I helped co-found Abstract, a software company focused on supporting a modern, collaborative, and open design process. I still serve as an advisor.

I believe in wide curiosity, “good trouble”, and ending up where you’re not supposed to be. Everyone is a fellow traveller.

Select Talks

I am not giving talks this year. Still, here’s a list of events, institutions, and companies where I have spoken:

  • AIGA National Conference Phoenix AZ
  • AIGA Regional Events Several chapters
  • An Interesting Day Oslo, Norway
  • Awwwards Conference Berlin, Germany
  • Build Conference Belfast, N. Ireland
  • Creative Works Memphis TN
  • Cusp Conference Chicago, IL
  • dConstruct Brighton, UK
  • DesignSpeaks Portland, OR
  • Design Thinkers Toronto, Canada
  • Do Lectures Wales, UK
  • Etsy NYC, NY
  • Harvard University Cambridge, MA
  • How Design Live Chicago, IL
  • Interlink Conference Vancouver, Canada
  • Kerning Conference Faenza, Italy
  • MailChimp Atlanta, GA
  • Mirror Conference Braga, Portugal
  • New Adventures Nottingham, UK
  • Portable Series Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Australia
  • School of Visual Arts NYC, NY
  • Shopify Ontario, Canada
  • South by Southwest Austin, TX
  • Substans Bergan, Norway
  • Webstock Wellington, NZ
  • XOXO Festival Portland, OR