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Text Playlist

A lot of designers and creative folk that I know keep a morgue file, a folder of random elements that they find from old jobs that got killed, inspirational bits, torn images from magazines, and other scraps. In fact, a lot of Tumblr blogs are just that.

I do a bit of that myself, but I keep what I perceive to be a more valuable, important morgue file: one made of the best writing on the web I come across. I take this list and revisit and reread it every 4 to 8 weeks. You could almost consider it a playlist of text: it’s very select (I artificially limit it to 10–15 articles), I typically read them all in one sitting, and the order and pacing is very purposeful. Most revolve around what it’s like to be making things in 2010, and a lot of the people that I respect the most have pieces in it. It’s almost a pep talk in text form. I visit it when I’m down, when I’m lazy, when I’m feeling the inertia take over.

Earlier today on my Twitter, I posted one of the articles. People were interested in knowing what else was in my list, so I’d like to share it with you (or, at least as it exists today) and offer a bit of commentary as well. I hope you like it. I’d put it on a cassette for you if I could. Maybe you can make one of your own and share it?

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