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Branding, Digital

Abstract is a platform for modern design teams to work together. We began working on the app in 2015, and after a solid year of defining how the product would work, I finally got to sit down and sort out how the brand would look.

Designing for designers is always a challenge, so Abstract’s brand addresses this by visualizing many of the characteristics we believe make for great creative teams. Dynamism, flexibility, expressiveness, and cooperation are all visually expressed through small shapes and overlapping patterns, all neatly arranged on a dotted grid acting as an organizational structure.

From the logo to the illustrations, Abstract’s brand language is one of process and assembly. Why have one big thing if you make lots of little things that work together? That’s the Abstract way.

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Abstract App Design (Old Version)
I offered direction on the app’s UI, but if you like it, you should say hi to Tim Van Damme who was its principal designer.