AOK Flag


Branding, Illustration

AOK is a pop-up brand and my take on making droll merchandise for people who are totally over it all. (You know what I’m talking about.) The idea sprung from an off-handed comment to a friend at a happy hour: “We need to make slow cool again.” Twenty minutes later, I drew a turtle with sunglasses in my notebook and stuck him on a t-shirt. The rest is history. Or not.

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Shirt: Cool Turtle
Cool Turtle · $25
Shirt: Skull
Skull · $25
Shirt: Optimism
Optimism · $25
Shirt: Never Leave the House
Never Leave the House · $25
Mug: Please Talk to Me About Podcasts
Podcast Mug · $20
Cap: Optimism
Optimism Cap · $25
AOKLAND · Discontinued
Cool Turtle Tattoo
Sure, you can get a tattoo. But send me a photo!