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Though being a new agency, Faculty is filled with highly experienced people. Its founder, Chris Shiflett, likes to call them “internet pioneers,” so I took that pioneering spirit to heart and built an exploratory brand language for them.

Aerial and satellite photography is used to make the lay of the land visible through an overhead perspective, similar to the one experience gives you. Natural textures and papers are complemented with green and cream touches to make everything feel natural and friendly, avoiding the common pitfalls of technology brands which either end up too cold and rigid in design or overcompensate for this common mistake and become garishly friendly.

Which lead to the final challenge: the name. How do you visualize faculty as a concept about mental capabilities and not remind people of school? It started with the mark, at once several things: a sphere and a pyramid to reference rational thought, a moon and a tent as a reference to the exploratory nature of the brand, or a chess piece for strategy and intelligence. Other platonic solids were made into additional pieces, emphasizing the new agency as rational, organized, and detail-oriented.

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