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In a world dominated by social media, what’s left for a personal site to do? This question kept rumbling through my head when Chris Shiflett approached me to update his personal site alongside branding his digital agency Faculty. Primarily, the site needed to express his unique mix of affections (the outdoors, the web) using an affable tone that everyone who knows Chris gets to enjoy. On top of that, it’d be great if the personal site could feel related to the work I was doing to brand Faculty.

Then a thought hit me: what if the browser window was a real window? If every page had a view? So the site takes on a double-pane layout: on the left, a photograph from one of Chris’s adventures with coordinates to plot it; on the right, content from his blog, links to what he’s reading, and so on.

In addition to being situated in a place, the site positions itself in time by tinting the photography based on the time of day. And yes, that’s a marquee that you see—a playful nod to the old web we left behind.

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The color tint of images changes to match the time of day.