Frank Chimero

Brand & Product Designer
Brooklyn, New York
⚠️ This post is old and may no longer reflect my views.

Redesign: Table of Contents

At the start of 2020, I’ll begin redesigning this website. In the past, I’ve done this work in secret, but I’d like to document the process this time through.

Posts related to the redesign will begin with “Redesign:” to distinguish them from the rest of my blog. This post will act as a table of contents.

  1. Redesign: The Popeye Moment
    Setting intentions, why this series exists
  2. Redesign: On This Design
    Comments on and rationale for the site’s “undesign” at the time of writing. Notes on concision.
  3. Redesign: Wants and Needs
    Goals for the redesign, aesthetic and otherwise
  4. Redesign: Nose-First
    Notes on working from the inside-out vs. working from the outside-in
  5. Redesign: Perfecta Trifecta
    On typographic atmosphere and setting criteria for typeface selection
  6. Redesign: Looking at Letters
    How the design of individual letters exponentially accumulate to create the voice of a typeface
  7. Redesign: Picking Typefaces
    Looking at related typefaces, talking about them, then selecting a couple to begin design
  8. Redesign: Scales and Hierarchy
    Setting body text size, defining a type scale, and a brief interlude on methods to create hierarchy without getting too heavy-handed about it all
  9. Redesign: Gardening vs. Architecture
    Describing different modes of writing and how they influence typographic support, then settling the type hierarchy for the site
  10. Redesign: Font Swap
    Quickie post on realigning the typographic approach
  11. Redesign: The Raccoon King of Garbage Mountain
    On navigation, french fries, forced pizza parties, and content sprawl
  12. Redesign: Gridniking
    Setting up a grid and beginning with layout
  13. Redesign: Clearing A Path
    Starting over and finishing up